Our Approach

Awareness & Grounding Approach

Become aware of your self in the present moment.

Ground yourself again by aligning your self back to the Earth.

Sea Relaxation The Art of Real Happiness

Integrating Awareness & Grounding Into Our Lives

The technologies and advanced tools we have at our disposal allow us to thrive in the society and bring comfort and satisfaction on a daily basis. They are the reflection of all the beautiful things human beings can create when using their mind and meeting their needs.


Nevertheless those technologies can make us more vulnerable, dependant, and disconnected from Earth. We cover our bodies with clothing and accessories that stop the natural grounding we can experience while walking barefoot on the grass. We also forget to stop and be aware of what is in the now.


Becoming aware of who you are, how you feel, what emotions are present in your body, what you smell and what emotions it triggers in your mind, it all brings you back to the now, the present moment, the only time during the day that matters the most.

Discover the practice of affirmations, using the law of attraction, to reprogram your brain and regain happiness and inner peace.


Breathworks, meditations, affirmations, earthing, and chakra alignment, are just a short list of all the solutions available to you for a better self.


At The Art of Real Happiness, we stand by love, serenity, inner peace, the Now, the You, the I, and the US.


It's time for you to enjoy all the free content and discover the real success on being you as one. You are that!


A better grounding for a better being.

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To fall in love with yourself is the first secret to happiness.

Robert Morley