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Meditation & Wisdom Podcast

In 2020, Andrew created the podcast "Your Positive Mind Meditations", now "Meditation & Wisdom", with the idea of sharing the power of Meditation on the biggest platforms so everyone could benefit from this practice for free, learn how to meditate and use meditation as stress and anxiety relief.  

Being Buddhist, he has been practising meditation every day for many years now. At first, it was part of his journey to personal growth, then he wanted to understand who he was, how he could deal with his emotions, heal from trauma, and finally find what he was looking for: his own perception of happiness.

His second goal was to share his knowledge about psychology, behavioural therapies, mental health, and the perception of life in general. 

You can enjoy all those meditations on Insight Timer, Spotify, Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, Amazon Music, iHeart Radio, Pocket Cast, Radio Public, Stitcher and Castbox. 

We invite you to share those tracks with your friends, family, colleagues or anyone you know who could benefit from them. 


Stay tuned for Season 3! 

A quick tip: You can use a journal (available in our store) to follow up on the evolution of your state of mind or print out our templates (Shop Now) and create your own journal. 

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