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Meditation journals are useful for recording both the positive and the less enjoyable aspects of your study sessions. As you write down the conclusions you draw from your meditation practice, you will also find it easier to let go of pain, stress, or other negative emotions.  


By recording your meditation-related experiences in a journal, you can see how you've changed over time. You will feel inspired to continue this journey and take your practice to the next level possible. As you examine your diary entries, you will realise that this practice certainly affects your daily life in various ways.  The habit of journaling will give you insight into your own world. Additionally, as you review your entries, you can identify and implement changes that can and should be made to improve your meditation technique. With that said, you will become more patient, understanding both your strengths and weaknesses. The diary will become a useful reference tool, allowing you to adjust your path and future expectations.


Diary is a place where we can freely express ourselves, and record everything about meditation. Since this practice is beneficial for changing habits, we can write about the journey and the difficulties we have to go through. We practically record where we started and how far we've come. In other words, we free ourselves from the norm, we open up new opportunities. This is probably one of the biggest advantages to consider. Through journaling, we focus more on meditation and discover the best ways to refine our technique. We gain clarity about the meditation experience and the results it has brought. 

This clarity is a revelation to be accepted. Many people think that meditation is just about closing your eyes and thinking about the perfect things. In reality, however, this practice can force you to confront your negative emotions and thoughts. You may also experience pain and difficulty related to different experiences.

We have crafted the best meditation journals for you to progress in your meditation practice. You only need to choose between the Buddhahood Version, the Zazen Version and the Minimalist Version (black or white).

Buddhahood Meditation Journal