Best New Year’s Resolutions Ideas!

2022 is here! 2021 is finally behind us and it is time to heal, set up new goals and focus on a brighter future.

45 New Year’s Resolutions Ideas!

Here's a list of the best achievable goals for a better, healthier, happier living. Remember that the best resolutions are the ones you can keep, hence why it is important to set up realistic goals. Some might be harder to achieve, but perseverance and resilience are keys to your own success.

  1. Talk to yourself with kindness: How can you be kind to others if you're not kind to yourself? Learn to love yourself, to listen to your body, and to compliment yourself daily.

  2. Drink more water: 75% of us are constantly dehydrated - Water is important for your brain and body to fully function.

  3. Do random acts of kindness: Volunteering is a great act of kindness, it brings empathy, compassion, satisfaction, and helps you meet new people. If volunteering isn't your thing, buy a coffee and a sandwich to someone in need. By brightening up someone's day, you will brighten up your life.

  4. Be active, work out: Most of the people tend to focus on the numbers shown by the scale and tend to ration themselves on what they can eat or not. Of course, it is important to have a good diet, but you need to be active to feel good, not to be thinner.

  5. Reach out to friends and family: 2020 has shown us how important it is to be connected with our loved ones. Thanks to the technology, we can do video calls with our family and friends. Avoid texting the people you love, call them instead. A 5 minute call will bring warmth and comfort to your day compared to a text with smileys. We are humans after all.

  6. Stop gossiping: Focus on what's important and what brings value to your life and your goals.

  7. Start a new hobby: Find something you have never tried before. Who knows maybe it will bring you a new satisfaction and put you on a path for a new career.

  8. Bring a plant into your home: People who live in big cities tend to forget how Nature is important and how reinvigorating it can be to walk in the forest, breath in fresh air, and be surrounded by greenery. If you don't have green spaces around you, become a plant mum/dad.

  9. Cook a new thing each week: It is important to know what you eat as it makes you who you are. Instead of buying take aways, try to cook a new recipe each week. Start with an easy one if you're not into cooking. You will see how much satisfaction it brings when you eat something you made yourself.

  10. Reduce your waste and buy less plastic: We are in 2021! We are very aware of the climate change. I'm not telling you to become radical, but play your part. Buy less products wrapped in plastic, especially vegetables and fruits. Learn how to compost your food waste and use it as new soil.

  11. Donate/sell clothes you never wear: Try this easy rule I tend to teach to my clients. Whatever piece of fabric that hasn't been worn in the last 12 months, give it away to charities. If you are not keen on giving to charities, sell your unworn clothes. There are many apps out there to help you declutter your wardrobe and make money to buy new ones instead.

  12. Pay off your credit card every month and get out of debt: I know this is a hard one but you need to find a financial stability in order to ease the pressure it has on your shoulders. Create a file and set up your repayment plan over 12 months. Visualising your goal will help you focus on it.

  13. Enter a state of positive thinking and remove all the negativity surrounding you: And that includes negative people, people who complain a lot, watching the news, your social media feeds (follow only the accounts that bring value to your life), and so on.

  14. Do something that scares you: Go beyond your limits, and try something you are scared of but always wanted to give it a try.

  15. Make your bed every morning: It is a very simple resolution but, being tidy and organised will clear your mind. By making your bed, you send a message to your brain saying you have rested enough and can now go on with your day.

  16. Stop procrastinating: Don't waste your time by doing things that don't add value to your life or are keeping you away from reaching your goals. Apply the 5 second rule by Mel Robbins.

  17. Earn more money / start saving money: I have to be honest with you but money won't bring you happiness. It will help you do all the things you like, buy all the things you want, but most of all it will bring more stability financially and emotionally. When we are facing money problems, it is the only thing we can focus on. Imagine a life where you don't have to focus on it. For that, you need to work your ass off, earn more, save more, and invest more.

  18. Learn to be happier with your life: We often think the grass is always greener on the other side. Try to see the positive things surrounding you, the people that love you for what you are, be happy with what you have now, and find satisfaction with your life. If you cannot be happy with your life, then decisions need to be made, things have to change, and you are the only person who knows what, why, and how.

  19. Travel on a small budget: When we are on holiday we tend to spend tons of money on luxurious hotels, restaurants that serve the same food we eat all year round, we pay for any upgrade available, and we often miss the one thing we were looking for: something that is out of the ordinary, a pleasant change of scenery. Travel on a small budget and see the differences: you will have more valuable experiences, meet more local people and discover the real local life, create new friendships, and come back with better memories. Give it a try, at least once in 2021.

  20. Write down one thing you are grateful for every night.

  21. Travel somewhere without posting about it on social media: Keep it in your secret garden and don't look for likes and followers. You don't travel for others, but for your own good.

  22. Start expressing yourself artistically: Art is one of the best therapy and calming activity in the world, after meditation. The reason is that when we create something with our hands, we are fully focused on what we are doing. We are in a state of flow. You can learn how to draw, paint, enrol a pottery class, make jewellery, learn how to sew, how to knit a scarf, make candles. Your imagination is your only limit.

  23. Focus on your mental health: After what happened in the world in 2020, many people have been impacted mentally and it is important now more than ever to take care of our mental health. If you feel like you need to talk to someone, reach out to a specialist, find practices that will help you in getting better, listen to your body and mind and start your healing. Being aware of your mental health is the path to success and happiness. Take care of it.

  24. Stop relying on external validation:

  25. Stop being late all the time: Anticipate things, plan things, be reliable.

  26. Go see your doctor and have a full check up: Take care of your body – go get a physical and some blood work. Knowledge is power.

  27. Give up tobacco and reduce alcohol (or quit drinking).

  28. Write down your goals and create a masterplan: Setting up goals and having a vision on how to achieve them will bring more results and will avoid giving up on them.

  29. Have a better sex life: A good sex life is good for your heart. Besides being a great way to raise your heart rate, sex helps keep your estrogen and testosterone levels in balance. It also brings stability in your relationship.

  30. Find a significant other: Are you the type of person who wants to have a relationship but stays indoors or doesn't talk to anyone? Or are you the type of person who plays with people's heart and complains you haven't found your significant one? Determine your relationship goals, what you want, what you don't want, learn about yourself, your behaviour, and then go out and meet people. If you are too shy, use the dating apps.

  31. Learn how to defend yourself: Take Kung-fu or self defence classes.

  32. Become more romantic: If your partner complains you are not romantic enough, prove her/him wrong, do some research, and take actions.

  33. Get a better quality of sleep: Sleep is the most important change you need to focus on, with the diet and your water intake. We don’t feel great when we don’t sleep enough, and chronic sleep deprivation can contribute to serious health problems such as high blood pressure, increased stress hormones, and irregular heartbeat.

  34. Learn a new language: There are many free apps out there to help you learn a new language.

  35. Adopt a pet: Some research studies have found that people who have a pet have healthier hearts, stay home sick less often, make fewer visits to the doctor, get more exercise, and are less depressed.

  36. Watch less TV, read more books: And if you don't like reading, try audiobooks.

  37. Become tidier: A tidy home is a tidy mind.

  38. Get over an ex: Your ex is part of your past. The only thing that matters is your present.

  39. Talk less, listen more.

  40. Pay it forward: If someone has done something for you, or helped you in the past, it's now your turn. The world gets better by giving. Play your part.

  41. Go to bed happy each night: Make peace with what happened in your day. It is now part of your past and nothing can be changed. Accept it and learn from it. If you argued with your partner, pillow talk is the best way to reconcile.

  42. Be kind on social media: It is hard nowadays not to be on social media. People hide behind their screens and spread hate with no shame. This is NOT okay. If you see something you don't like, don't comment and scroll down. Only comment if you have something positive or empowering to say. Spread love.

  43. Stop buying things you don't need: One easy question I ask myself is "Is it really necessary?" - 80% of the time it's a no. It's good for your wallet and it's good for the planet.

  44. Meditate: Meditation is another great tool to reduce the amount of stress received by your body. It allows you to listen to your body and learn when anxiety and stress kick in.

  45. Turn off all screens: Start by turning off all screens at least 30 minutes before going to bed. A digital detox has many benefits such as reducing stress, maintaining work-life balance (spending more time with your family), allowing a more positive approach of life (by not seeing all those negative news), and improving sleep habits (the use of artificial lighting and electronics at night may contribute to sleep problems.

Well, there you have them – 45 achievable resolutions to help you find yours and make some long-term changes in your life.

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